Contracted system development, maintenance, site creation, operation, and take over


  • Is there a charge for development request estimates?

    • We offer a free of charge service from the meeting to the issuance of a quotation.
      Fees will be charged upon receipt of a formal request after confirming the estimate.
      For details, please refer to the flow.
  • Our system developer has suddenly left the company and we are having trouble finding an employee who can handle the maintenance of the system.
    Can I leave this situation to you?

    • Yes, by all means, leave it to us. We specialize in system operation and maintenance handover services.
      For details based on previous handover cases, please refer to System Troubles 110.
  • What is "System Trouble 110"?

    • "System Trouble 110"is a service that provides a solution when a system that has been developed and maintained by another company has some kind of trouble that makes it difficult to continue operating the system.
      When it becomes difficult to continue operation of a system developed and maintained by another company due to some problem,
      we take over the operation of the system so that you can continue to use it with peace of mind. This is our system takeover service.(Registration of trademark January 21, 2020)
      If a developer retires or transfers, if the service of a system operation company is terminated,
      or if you want to bring an in-house system version up to date but have no one in your company who can do so, please use "System Trouble 110".
  • Is it possible to be stationed at the company as a development engineer?

    • We do not accept requests for resident engineers as we do 100% in-house development from development to delivery.
      If you have any problems or concerns, we will be happy to discuss them with you by phone, e-mail, online (ZOOM, etc.),
      or in person, in a way that suits you.
  • I would like to request a new development, can you discuss the delivery date?

    • Depending on the nature of the request, we can schedule development to meet the delivery date.
      If you have a preferred delivery date, please let us know at the initial meeting.
  • Can you develop a mobile application?

    • Yes, it is possible. We have developed applications in the past, so please ask us to do so.
  • I would like to know the specific amount of money for now. How much is the minimum amount I can request?

    • We are sorry, but we will present our fees in a written estimate only after
      we first receive your inquiry and hear the details of your request in a meeting.
      If you have more than one request, or if you would like us to prepare a quotation with multiple patterns,
      please contact us at the time of the meeting.
      For details, please refer to the flow.
  • Can you build or modify macros, VBA, etc.?

    • Yes, by all means, please leave it to us.
      We often receive comments from customers that they can no longer use macros or VBA created by someone else.
      We can provide system takeover services regardless of the size of the project, so please feel free to contact us for more information.
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