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System trouble 110
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If you have trouble
taking over such a system

Takeover of incomplete systems

Trouble in the middle of system development!
I want to consult another system development company.

The company that is currently building the system has stopped development and is looking for another company to take over the project.

Application functionality is complete, but we would like to add functions such as device switching and user management.

Takeover of incomplete systems

Takeover of completed systems

We would like to find a successor for updating or We would like to find a successor for updating or changing the specifications of the system we are using.

The company has been developing offshore, but would like to consider changing due to differences in language and business practices.

The employee in charge of the system has retired and there is no replacement, and we would like to switch the system manager to an outside party.

Maintenance is not possible because the manufacturer's support has expired. We would like you to support us as much as you can.

There is no previous person in charge of Excel macro support, etc., and we would like to have a system in place to maintain it.

We have been developing the system in-house, but we want to ask a specialized company to handle the system because we feel the system has become too sophisticated.

We take over and operate the maintenance and upkeep of the system.
This will give you peace of mind if something goes wrong.


Service Features


A group of professionals who analyze other people's sources

It is difficult to decipher code written by others and requires high-level analytical skills.
Our programmers routinely perform in-house source analysis, so they are accustomed to reading other people's source.


Ability to work in multiple languages

Since the system runs in multiple programming languages, the ability to handle multiple languages is essential for a smooth handover.
Multiple language support for programmers is the norm. They are highly adaptable.


Smooth communication with Japanese counterparts

A disadvantage of offshore development system operation is that trouble tends to occur due to differences in language and business practices.
Everyone in our company is Japanese, including programmers. There are no language or business customs barriers.


We take over various defects with our extensive experience.

You can rest assured that our professionals, who have extensive handover experience, will ensure a smooth and realistic handover. Please consult with us first.

Case Study

Case Studies to Date

Unfinished site handover

Industry: Advertising agency

The contractor we outsourced our website renewal to became slow to respond midway through the construction process, and we never moved forward.
Phase 2 will be almost completed what was not completed in Phase 1. After that, updates will be made once a month.

Completed site/takeover from offshore

Industry: SAAS operator

Offshore development was being done, but there were many glitches due to slow response times and communication losses.
We were able to close defects one by one, and gradually we were able to handle the requirements for functional enhancements.

Completed site/transfer due to retirement of person in charge

Industry: Wholesale

The initial construction was done by a contractor, but all subsequent modifications were done by a single person in charge within the company. The person in charge of the project left the company and there was no one to take over.
The handover was quite difficult, but we have now managed to complete it and are dealing with and correcting problems.

Completed site/takeover from complete withdrawal

Industry: Entertainment

The package vendor that had developed and maintained the product completely stopped doing so, and the other company that had maintained the product also completely withdrew.
The system part was difficult because the maintenance had expired, but the handover of the functionality was completed with the instructions of the person in charge of the other company and reading the source code. We were also able to handle additional work.


EC related
Takeover of a large-scale e-commerce site created from scratch. Analysis of customized contents, addition of functions and modification of defects. Taking over EC CUBE with customization, and dealing with minor bugs and functionality additions.
Visual Basic 6.0 related
Took over maintenance of an in-house sales and shipping system when the developer retired. After the developer's support ended, we took over the system because the developer wanted to continue to support the system.
In-house developed system related
Extensive renovation and replacement of the image search system used in-house. Taking over the in-house sales web system from the previous system company, completely renewing and replacing it. Taking over a fortune-telling site developed from scratch.
Since the developer retired before the release of the game app, he was in charge of the operational part necessary for the release, such as the member management (registration and application transfer) part.
VBA and Macro Related
Creation of macros with the same functionality currently in use, modified to user-friendly specifications. Modification of macros that do not work well (errors are displayed).
Other site operation and maintenance related
  • Update news on the site (about 30 items daily) on behalf of the company
  • SNS operation and maintenance support
  • Took over maintenance of content site built by full-scratch due to retirement of maintenance staff.
  • Maintenance of BtoB business transaction electronic system services, customization to services tailored to the needs of the clients to whom they are introduced, and operational support.
  • Internal system maintenance support (implementation and tabulation of each month's responsibilities)
  • Take over server management (AWS) of the official site


What you need to prepare for the handover

  • Source complete set
  • Various system documents
    (operation manuals, DB definitions, etc.)
  • Access information if there is a test site
  • A description of the maintenance that has been performed so far

Documentation will allow for a smoother handover of the system in a shorter period of time, but
Please be assured that we can take over the system without documentation.

We may ask you to prepare simple documents if you are able to cooperate with the transferring company (e.g., outsourcing system company).

We may ask you to prepare simple documents if you are able to cooperate with the transferring company (e.g., outsourcing system company).


Site takeover flow


Sign an NDA.


We will ask for connection information and sources for the test environment, and documentation (operating instructions and DB definitions) if available.


In case of operation, we will listen to your wishes. (e.g., you would like us to perform 00 maintenance once a month, etc.)


Proposals and estimates for handover are prepared and explained.




Initial Kickoff Meeting

  • Understand the site and system overview.
  • Understand the correctness of the function.


Build a test or development environment


Confirm flow, etc. at the time of this upload.


Final meeting. Handover completed Maintenance begins.

In addition to monthly maintenance support, we can also provide system modifications and troubleshooting, such as "I want to make the system more user-friendly" or "I get an error when performing this operation. We can also help you with system modifications and problem solving.
※Fees will be charged in addition to the maintenance fee for detailed investigation and repair work. In such cases, we will always provide an estimate in advance.

Before it comes to that!
What you can do to prepare now


Before it comes to that!
What you can do to prepare now

source(Not in executable form)
Can I see the source of the program currently on the server? Some programs have separate source and executable files. If they are separated, only the executable file is available on the server. The executable file is not the source.
DB-Definition(The one that says what the numbers mean)
Are there any data that contain only numbers, such as division codes?
Are you in a state where you can clearly identify "1 is division A," "2 is division B," and so on?
Numbers alone may not tell which division.
Design source data
Do you have the original data for the design? With only image data, it may not be possible to make changes or corrections to that image,
or it may take considerably longer.
Connection information to servers and databases
Do you have connection information to servers and databases?
This information is essential for the next system personnel.

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