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Contracted system development

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Contracted system development

system development

Program development in PHP, JAVA, .net, Access, Swift, Kotlin, etc.
Examples: Wordpress, application development, MovableType, EC-CUBE, Magento, Google Analytics, server construction, etc.


Site coding and building dynamic processes using JS and AJAX


System and site management services

System requirement definition and design

Upstream process work such as system requirements definition and design

Version Upgrade Support

Support for system version upgrades

If a system created in the past is still in use today, there are major problems such as servers that are not up-to-date, security holes, and so on.

The newest server will improve business processing speed, increase website speed,and improve security.
We recommend that you take this opportunity to review your old system.

*We can not only upgrade the version, but also continue to support the same version as before.
Please feel free to contact us.

Business system

Upgrade from Smarty2 + PHP5.3 to Smarty3 + PHP7.3 


Upgrade from version 2.9 to version 5.3

Search system

Upgrade from unique framework (with security holes) + PHP5.3 to LALAVEL6 PHP7.3

Movable Type

Upgrade to 6.5.2
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